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[sharing] To Heart 2 & Damekko Doubutsu Raws

Crossposted to anime_downloads  and anime_raws , sorry for spaming.

I downloaded these raws from Clubbox. I've been able to find a couple of anime raws in Clubbox accounts. Basically, one should just create a free account on Clubbox (there are tutorials around the web) and then go to Filedic and search for the anime name using english, romaji, kanji and korean characters. Just know that Clubbox download aplication only works on IE. Also, a good site to find korean names for animes is IntoDB.

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Since I'm a raw hunter for a non-english yaoi fansub group, I'd be glad if anyone could help me find yaoi anime raws. I can share more raws (not that I have many, but feel free to ask) or take special requests for Clubbox downloads if anyone offers me some yaoi anime raw that I'm looking for.

Enjoy the downloads - and help me gather more points in my file hosting accounts! ^^v If anyone knows another place to share anime raws publicly, please tell me, so I can pimp my links. :)

some requests // sharing ceres

hey there! i was wondering if anyone had any of the following. i can take pretty much any format except rm.

- episode 2 of shamanic princess, all the links are dead
- sailor moon R subbed episodes 83-88

i've only JUST started to upload some of the anime i have, but i have the first few episodes of ceres uploaded already and i'll upload the rest of the series over the next week or so. please comment if you want the links, or check my journal!