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I've been looking for this forever!

What do you mean you don't have it?!

Anime Share Community
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Hallo and greetings, I am your maintainer, thesnowmelts. If you have any sort of problem please feel free to contact me of us via my journal, private message or email!

I have been so far unable to locate a community that shares anime episodes. I'm sure I could, of course, simply ask for episodes on music communities--but I'd rather be able to do it somewhere that's made for it.

So I made my own community. Anyone is welcome to join. The more the merrier. And the more people have--the more we share. Awwwww. Use whatever medium you want to upload. I usually use yousendit megaupload but if you like something else, hell--use it.

And you can share whatever you want, of course. The focus is episodes. But music, icons, and pictures are welcome too.

Only things I ask:

1. Don't be shitty to each other. People like different kinds of anime. Elitist crap gets on my nerves.

2. I don't care how many requests/uploads you do per day. But please attempt to not only request but to upload something every once in a while. Else all we'll have is requests and no uploads.

3. If you're going to promote--put it under a cut or not at all.

4. Any hentai or yaoi, yuri, loli, shota, or ecchi will also look splendid under a cut--just in case. Along with a warning--so if someone is downloading something just to try it out they are not given a heart attack. O.o

5. Please put tags on posts, so if anyone is looking for 'such-and-such-whatever', it may help them out.

6. Don't link to other communities if you have to join to get them. That's why people join this one. Links that go back to journals we can all access are okay--but if you have to join some separate community to get them, don't post it here. It's annoying.

Any posts/users that violate these rules--posts will be deleted or users may be banned without warning. So don't come whining to me.


tsubasa_rating --A Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle rating community

animejapan_mp3 --A community dedicated to sharing Anime and Japanese music.

anime_download --A recently created community also dedicated to sharing Anime.

teadrinkers404 --A recently created community for Cid and Shera from the hit video game Final Fantasy VII. These two don't get nearly enough love. So. Go love them. Now.

buckkeep --A community dedicated to The Farseer Trilogy and The Tawny Man trilogy by Robin Hobb

fm_a_rating --A rating community for Full Metal Alchemist

anime_mu --An anime share community! Yay! The owner is delightful enough to share what she has with the general puclic! Go check it out!

compound_rp --A multifandom rp that's basically whatever you want it to be. General, crack, plot--anything goes.

saiunkoku_rate --Rating comm for Saiunkoku Monogatari!

Interesting/Useful Webpages from our Members

File Sending Websites --I'll post whatever info I know about these as I find it out. Feel free to tell me more.

YouSendIt -- links expires after 7 days and/or 25 downloads. Isn't cool anymore, can only send up to 100mb free, anymore then that and you have to buy.

Mega Upload -- links expire after 30 days of no one downloading file. You can send up to 500mb

Rapid Share -- Links never expire--but are in danger of being deleted if no one uploads after 30 days because every once in awhile, they go through and clean stuff up. You can send up to 100mb.

SendSpace -- You can send up to 1.2 gb (in other words, 1200 mb) and the links are available...well, they had kind of weird answer for this.

The Upload -- You can send files up to 200mb in size and they are only removed in the file has not been viewed or downloaded for 3 months.

The Big Upload -- Allows you to send 2000mb (that's 2 gb) with unlimited downloads.

Concerning Anime

Anime Info - Obviously contains info on anime series

AnimeSuki - bittorent website full of anime

AnimeYume - bittorent website full of anime - bigger then AnimeSuki

Download Anime - Another anime bittorent website

Naruto Chaos - A Naruto page that has direct and bittorent downloads for every available episode of Naruto--plus the movies--and every chapter of the manga. You have to sign up to download, but it's free.

Anime Music Videos.org - A webpage/community/forum dedicated to the production and worshipping of AMV--anime music videos--the only stipulation is that you must sign up and wait for two weeks before you can download. But it's free. And let me tell you, it's well worth the wait. The access to thousands of videos makes it a fun site for veterans and beginners.

National Anime--A site and a forum for directly downloading anime. Definetly worth checking out. You have to register, but it's free.

Anime-Refuge --A site dedicated for directly downloading anime.You have to register, but it's free.

Gendou's Anime Music -- A site dedicated entirely to anime music. This is an excellent site for those hard-to-find songs. Once you register (it's free) you can do searches by anime/music/album titles. It's really handy.

Gundam Wing is a Victim of Fan-Rape--This is a very interesting webpage dedicated entirely to the psychological make-up of the characters of Gundam Wing. If you liked Gundam Wing at all, definitely check it out. It is absolutely incredible.

Bleach Portal - This site is dedicated to Bleach. It is a huge collection of information, media and direct episode downloads. You have to register--but it's free.

Bleach TV - Another large Bleach site with episode downloads, information and other media. Definetly worth checking out.

Super Sailor Universe - wenpage that has direct downloads of all five seasons of Sailor Moon and the specials and movies!

KragaMuffin--an awesome direct download page with a ton of anime on their servers. They are dedicated to their downloads being free. Go them.

These next ones are courtesy of spread_the_love! Kudos to her!

You can download Pita ten, green green, gunslinger girl, pretear, Oh God don't make me name them all. It's all hosted on her server so if you're able to spare some change, you could help by donating.

It's on hiatus and many sendspace links have expired so only the megaupload ones still work(umm, most of them). There's most of D.N.Angel, most of Yami to Hon no Tabbibito(what does that mean anyways?), mai-hime and a few other things.

Okay, I'm not even going to try to name the anime here. There's plenty of series though some are unfinished, some links have expired, and some are just really really bad quality.

I'm pretty sure that everyone knows of this already but heh, I couldn't just not post it. It contains mostly new stuff but sometimes I'm not too crazy about the quality and have to look for certain anime elsewhere. I've heard people complain about speed but this site has always been good to me so...

The anime is on host sites, mostly megaupload. Some of the files are really bad quality and some are really good. I'm currently getting pretty .ogm files of Rurouni Kenshin here

Mostly new stuff. Some stuff is hosted directly on the site, other things are on oxyshare

I've never gotten anything from here so I haven't looked around much but they seem to have a wide variety of things to choose from. I randomly looked at two series and they were both .rmvb and since I much prefer other ways I just stopped looking.

This contains links to megaupload and other host sites. Haven't looked at this one much either...

If you're looking for a yaoi, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai anime then you have 99% chance of finding it here. You have to register but it's free.

Concering Anything Else

Ctrl+Alt+Del - An online webcomic that began back in 2002, (I believe), and has a huge fanbase. This comic (as many online comics do) concentrate around two gamer guys. One, Ethan--is an accident prone psycho who is obsessed with his XBox robot, Zeke, that he built by accident. The other guy, Lucas, is obsessed with A Song of Fire and Ice series by George R. R. Martin and seems to exist to get Ethan out of trouble.

Megatokyo - A webcomic that appeared on the net a couple years ago. It centers around two gamers, Piro and Largo, who end up--by mishap--stuck in Japan. Piro spends a lot of time being sentimental and kind of pathetic. His partner in crime. Or, rather, his partner who does crime, is Largo. He is rather prone to insanity, blowing up buildings, consorting with ninjas, and getting ahold of out-of-control rent-a-zillas. Un/fortunatly, the comic took a more dramatic turn because one of the two writers quit. Leaving the writer who's based on Piro in control of it. Thus, it centers more around the drama of Piro's girl troubles than the hilarity that Largo used to carry. So the fans shifted a bit after the other partner left (who was based on Largo).

AdultFanfiction.net - The grown up version of Fanfiction.net. These stories--well, a lot of them (you've been warned!) feature sex. Sometimes blood and gore or stuff that's too mature for Fanfiction.net--but a vast majority feature sex. You must be 18 to enter.

DeviantArt - A webpage with a vast community for art. There are thousands of members who feature their works both great and small. It's ideal for anyone who likes to look at pretty pictures, like to looks for fanart, or wants a place to post art of their own.

Anime Sims 2 stuff - A site for Sims 2 stuff for anime.

The Sugar Quill - An incredible collection of Harry Potter fanfictions. There are catagories for the quality of these fictions so you don't have to wade through a lot of crap. You can usually find something at least decent when you go.

Final Fantasy IX page - An excellent Final Fantasy IX page. It has a detailed walkthrough with pictures to help you. And a list of all the side quests available.

And if anyone wants to be an affiliate--I'm all for that! Drop me a line or something.